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Wow, I made it to the big time! :D

My exchange with Frances, (which we have gone back and forth on way too many times) was precisely because of the people who will not use logic correctly. I try to keep it as simple as possible so that these simpletons will not look for a hole in Frances' argument and if finding one, will declare themselves the winner and believe they proved that viruses exist because they feel they disproved an alternate theory that someone presented as the answer to "WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?!?!"

My issue is the way Frances states her theory. That 5G is the cause of COVID. Not possible cause, the one and only cause. I can win that debate and do the virus worshippers job for them. I don't like to do it, but logic and sound science are my only motivators so I must.

You don't even need to leave Wuhan to do it. They had excessive pneumonia deaths following the opening of a garbage incinerator in Wuhan, there were massive protests about the pollution and then there were no more pneumonia deaths, only COVID. I'm sure there might be a sound scientific study that proves massive pollution causes illness somewhere out there.

I do not ignore Side B, I can present 100 different possibilities that cause whatever COVID is. I just refuse to present an alternate theory making bold claims that must be scientifically proved as the way to prove that a COVID virus doesn't exist. That just distracts from the main argument that a new virus has not been discovered. I must keep it simple for the closed-minded if they have any hope for opening their mind.

Nothing needs to be discussed before anyone presents proof that viruses exist, can be shown to replicate, spread from person to person and cause illness.

I like to ask these people who demand proof of a negative for proof that aliens from Jupiter didn't cause COVID.

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There is a tricky middle ground between side A and side B that I don't like: "The illnesses in Wuhan were not caused by a virus (which doesn't exist) but by 5G." It's side A because it (rightly) says that the "virus" doesn't exist. It's side B because it gives an alternative explanation for illness. But it slips in the premise that there were novel illnesses in Wuhan. A few cases of pneumonia in a highly polluted city -- it's not so surprising. I first want evidence of a new disease before seeking explanations for it!

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A maxim is a conclusion of logic. Maxim of law: "He who affirms must prove." NOT he who denies.

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"The person making the claim that "something exists", or "something does this", or "something changes into something new" always carries the burden of proof."

This IS the foundation for logic, and it is logic and love that our Creator used to create us and our Paradise, Mother Earth.

Make Logic Great Again, haha!💖🤗

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This is really good.

Pre-conversion (2+ years ago), I am quite sure I would have had a really hard time putting Side A on the turntable. And if I did, I wouldn't have made it past 30 seconds into track 1.

Now, I know that God and the devil are absolutely real. I've already had the experience of my ego being completely shattered. I'm fully aware that I was completely wrong about just about everything for decades, so I've got no qualms blasting side A on the tape deck with the windows down as I cruise around town. And I'm fascinated by Side B--especially the deep cuts.

Not sure what else is on Side B, but it's got some Spiritual Health bangers, for certain. There's some truly amazing stories from the lives of the saints and the mystics of the church https://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/ . And I have a personal perspective, too. Aside from dumbfounding me with truth, my conversion experience instantly cured me of a hardcore nicotine addiction that I'd carried for 20 years and had been trying unsuccessfully to offload for 10+ years. I was suddenly able to quit without effort--no cravings, no mood swings, no withdrawals--it was like I'd never tried tobacco in the first place.

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