Well, that was a long read...

So... what kind of lousy you've-got-to-be-crazy-to-believe nonsense is Team Boostershots going to tell me next?

That the gas chambers at Auschwitz were just delousing chambers??

That Truman targeted Nagasaki to threaten Pius XII???

That the cat-bit-my-hand club got rid of Sister Lucia and replaced her with an imposter to cover for the 1958 conclave funny business and other horrifically unthinkable crimes????

( https://sisterlucytruth.org/ )

That satan is real, has been loosed and we're all living through the grand deception of the last few minutes of the 11th hour in the vineyard????

(Matthew 20)


I finally came back to this post over the past two days and made it through to the end... It's hard to imagine that anything better will ever be written and distributed on the substack platform... Closing my laptop now and heading off to pray the Rosary.

Maria, Semper Virgine, ora pro nobis.

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I don't have the time or the energy to follow all of that labyrinthian logic.

I am just here to say hi..... xx

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Hey Boosters Hots.

That's a possum.

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Boostershots, you and your team have outdone yourselves! This is worthy of being printed into a case-bound book, and what a tome it would be, as one """thwopped""" it down on the lectern prior to speechifying!

Also, I have a caption for the last photo, and it's a lyrical quote by one of my favorite classic rock bands, Van Halen, from their song "The Full Bug" from the Diver Down album:

"You make conversation, but she's listening to your cash"

Because everything the "experts" and "authorities" and "agents" and "cushy-gig-getters" (like Alanis) seem to do is constantly pitch THEIR vision (or shall I say "version") of reality so they can pilfer our attention, time, money, and other resources.

Me? I'd rather read about lice 'n' shit from Boostershots.

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Thanks Boostershots. That truly must have taken weeks to put together. It took me nearly 2 hours to read it 😁. As soon as Igor called you out, I knew you were the real deal.

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Bloody good read, hilarious while informative, thank you!

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If a cell explodes in the forest...

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